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Welcome to Grace Restoration International

We bring poverty-stricken communities a proven education system, founded upon the transforming love of Christ. We are leading families out of poverty and into a sustainable future through teaching and job creation.

We work with relevant agencies and social partners to positively engage and seek development opportunities in rural communities

We are committed to combating Human trafficking across Africa through community empowerment.

Education remains one key pillars of youth empowerment, thus it is at the center of our youth empowerment initiatives.

Youth Education and Career Development Institute The GRI Youth Education and Career Development Institute offers primary education for youth in grades K-8 coupling academic learning with social enterprise and career development. In short, we offer education, college and career services

Health and Wellness Institute The GRI Health and Wellness Institute provides educational, programmatic and service referral aimed at the supporting the prevention and treatment of chronic and lifestyle diseases. This includes educating about daily decisions involving food and water, cooking and cleaning, personal

Social Enterprise Institute The Social Enterprise Institute conducts seminars and learning circles that teach and coaching the use of social entrepreneurship, to individuals and organizations. It operates the GRI Social Enterprises that provide skill-building and financial opportunities


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