Dear Friends,

As you may know, Grace Restoration International (GRI) is a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status committed to changing lives through the empowerment of education, basic necessities, and the Gospel. This letter is to inform you of our upcoming medical mission to to the delta area of Nigeria and to offer you the opportunity to transform the lives of people from poverty to dignity and from despair to self-sufficiency.

Our mission is threefold in purpose. First, we will tell the good news of the Gospel of Grace and lift people’s spirits. We know the Gospel is the power to change people’s lives. Secondly, we are there to help in ways that are immediately tangible. Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has taught us that if someone needs clothes, clothe them. If someone is hungry, feed them. So, we will provide basic necessities. Finally, part of our team is medically trained, and because of the high rate of diabetes in this part of Africa, we will focus on educating people on how to test their glucose levels as well as provide necessary medical items.

We intend to travel to 8 villages over two weeks. Also, beyond the medical help, GRI has sponsored a Micro-Business Group which has shown great progress. One business owner has a poultry farm; another has started a pig farm. The entrepreneurial spirit is evident and growing; many are now planning to build homes as a result of their success. It is our intention to help these people to live to their full potential by empowering them to fulfill their dreams and to create an environment where they can thrive, not just survive.

We do not believe in enabling people through hand-outs; this never stops the curse of poverty.

Like David’s army in the Bible, those who are in the battle and those who stay behind in their homes reap the same harvest. We would be honored and thankful for your alliance with us in this medical mission trip. All donations are tax deductible. Ask God how much you should give and follow His leading; the more that become involved, the less weight any single one of us needs to carry– truly the work of the body of Christ!

Be diligent in your prayers for our protection and for God’s guidance.

Please remember your donation is tax deductible, but more importantly that your gift will change lives.

Thank you so much,

Pastor Mfon Archibong and the members of Grace Restoration International.


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