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We bring poverty-stricken communities a proven education system, founded upon the transforming love of Christ. We are leading families out of poverty and into a sustainable future through teaching and job creation.

If you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. Our non-profit organization is determined to change lives, by empowering those in need with the ability to stand on their own. GRI aims to lift people’s spirits, and give them new-found dignity.

We strive to provide real hope by placing tools in the hands of some of the world’s poorest peoples. Instead of just handing them food to get through the day or the week, we help the individual build a chicken farm, enabling them to grow out of poverty through purpose and work. We seek to assist individuals and communities through fulfilling the needs of the moment, and by teaching them how to fulfill that need for a lifetime…impacting generations to come!


Our Mission:

Poverty is much more than a lack of physical substance. Poverty is a learned mentality; a mindset. The mission of Grace Restoration International is to help the vulnerable families including victims of sex trafficking, regardless of their location, to become independent of their circumstances. We work to help them rise above poverty through a lasting change built upon solid Christian principles of strong education and spiritual renewal.

Our effort is 3-fold:

  • We bring tangible support like basic needs, education, and health.
  • We bring hope to the hopeless women and children enslaved through sex trafficking through prevention strategies, restoration education programs, and justice initiatives to confront trafficking in Africa.
  • We bring the gospel, and the face of Jesus to ALL.


Mission Statement: Our Mission is to set the captives free; to free those in bondage.


Who We Serve

Fundamentally, our passion is to restore hope and dignity to all mankind through the Gospel of Jesus; hope and dignity to women and children victimized and vulnerable to sex trafficking because poverty and lack of education. Everywhere in Africa, we heard the cry for help, the untold stories are unspeakable. Betrayed, brutalized, dehumanized and advertised as product; they need help to prevent, restore, and bring justice to this heinous crime against humanity. We choose to see all peoples as the eternal souls they are, and we invest in them both caring for physical needs, and spiritually as well.

What we DO

Strengthen the broken heart through the gospel of our Lord Jesus.  Ensuring basic needs like clean water, housing, and other essential elements are available. GRI voice on domestic trafficking issues in Africa, particularly in areas of commercial sexual exploitation of vulnerable children. Our services are provided at the GRI Center for Social Transformation.